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Stammtafel   Biobauern Aubauer


A farm with an eventful history

The "Au" farmlands were first documented in 1293. Otto von Goldeck sold his "Au" farm to Archbishop Konrad. From 1807 - 1857 Family Gruber ran the farm.  During a heavy storm the Augraben flooded the fields, the herd of cattle and the herdswoman lost their lives. The farm owners had no money left and sold the farm to Johann Aigner, Maixnerbauer in 1857. His only son was killed in the 1st World War. The farmer and his wife took on three foster children. Our grandpa, Rupert Andreas Lainer, took over the farm in 1966 and ran it with our grandma Greti until 2001. In 1995 the youngest son Richard rented the farm and transferred to organic farming. Six years later he took over the farm from his parents and since 2008 Richard and Barbara Lainer have run the farm.




Rinder und Kälber   Pferde unter dem Schuhflicker


Dairy farming and a variety of animals

A natural environment for our animals has been important to us from the very beginning. The natural cycle of land, plants and animals is the fundamental principle of organic farming. The quality of our organic produce is our top priority and therefore we set great store by the correct feeding and housing comfort of our cows, calves, pigs and chickens. Our animlas have plenty of space in their barns to lie down and enjoy grazing on the alpine pastures of our Aualm and in our meadows. In winter they have space behind their stables. We're proud to keep endangered species such as Pinzgauer CattleNoriker  Horses and the Sulmtal Chickens.




Almbutter   Selbstgemachte Produkte


Organic fruit & vegetables and own produce

Due to our organic method of farming you can taste the freshness and vitality of our produce.  We have been active organic farmers since 1995 and are committed to conserving nature and consequently to our health-conscious diet. In our fruit orchards you'll find apple, pear, apricot, plum and peach trees. In the garden there are fresh herbs, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes. You're welcome to help yourselves to the fresh herbs and healthy vegetables from our farm garden to use in the kitchen of your holiday apartment.


Alpine butter, hard, soft and cream cheese and a variety of quark spreads are produced at our own Aualm mountain hut and served together with home-baked farmers' bread and homemade jams at breakfast. The eggs from our happy hens are particularly tasty.




Our farm Biobauernhof AUBAUER is member of "farmholidays in Austria". This organisation makes controlls on the quality of the farms. This is measured by flowers, like the stars in hotels. The farms with the highest quality and comfort get 4 flowers - and we got them. We are really proud of it!


4 flowers


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Großarltal - Uralub am Bauernhof

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