A farm holiday -
paradise for children in the heart of nature





Let the sand from the sandpit trickle through your fingers and build roads and castles. The wind whistles round your ears on the swings and the seat of your pants burn on the slide. Romp around the playgound and play football. Meanwhile mum & dad can enjoy the sunshine.



Katzen auf dem Bauernhof  


Prick up your ears and listen to the many animals on our farm. Who can recognise all the animal noises? Cows in the meadow, horses in the paddock, the lazy pigs in the sty and the playful cats in the garden. The clucking of the hens and the gentle birdsong resemble a concert. Was that a dog barking? There's never a dull moment here on the farm.



Garten mit frischem Gemüse  


In our fruit orchard and vegetable garden you'll feel like you're in the land of plenty. Fresh herbs, ripe tomatoes, lettuce and courgettes are available in our organic garden. Help yourselves and mum can make use of the fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Apples, pears, plums and apricots grow on the trees. Pick a juicy apple with dad and take a big bite. 





There's loads to see outdoors. Marmots creep tentatively out of their dens and whistle. Colourful butterflies flutter through the air. Horses galopp over the meadows and the pigs lie around lazily. A eagle circles above and hunts a mouse. Open your eyes and you'll see more than others.



Ameisenhaufen erkunden  


On the Alm Adventure Day at the Aualm there's lots to explore. Ants defend themselves with formic acid. Rub your finger over a healing plant such as arnica or chervil and sniff the scent. The odour of fresh mushrooms will make you hungry and the aroma of forest strawberries and raspberries will make your mouth water.




Our farm Biobauernhof AUBAUER is member of "farmholidays in Austria". This organisation makes controlls on the quality of the farms. This is measured by flowers, like the stars in hotels. The farms with the highest quality and comfort get 4 flowers - and we got them. We are really proud of it!


4 flowers


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Großarltal - Uralub am Bauernhof

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